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Registered Clinical Social Worker

Areas of focus:

  • Big life changes

  • Relationships

  • Grief & Loss


I take a holistic and relational approach to support self-identified women (age 13 and up), and couples navigating life transitions, relationships, stress, sexual identity, trauma, grief, loss, anxiety and depression.


I work from the understanding that through self-exploration we can recognize patterns of thinking, feeling and behaving that accelerate or keep us stuck in our growth process. I uphold the belief that you are the expert of your own life. Through our work, you will gain a deepened understanding of self. 


I tailor my approach to meet you in your journey and provide support. I enjoy embracing the powerful healing the natural world offers. I wholeheartedly trust the process of healing in the rest of an outdoor setting, whether that be with grass under your feet, the sound of a stream trickling nearby or a view of the snow-capped mountains in the distance. Nature offers the gentle yet lasting reminder of our inherent connectedness and almost effortlessly unveils the wholeness of each of us.

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